Suspended Animation Dreams

Who Are the Lotus Eaters?

S.A.D. is always accepting new dreamers, just show me a sample of your writing, and we’ll see if I want you aboard!

vita mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha web clap

Vita, how I pine to become thee...


God delivered the ultimate bitchslap from birth. “You can never be a magical girl.” Denied the right that all should have. Never to fight in the name of justice, to befriend former enemies through fixing their problems, nor to go forth with heart into danger with a smile on my face. I was doomed from the day I was born to never feel the warmth of holy light blasting forth from an adorable magical staff as I called out words I could barely pronounce to fuel my unstoppable power of love. I was forsaken.

As such, I turned to a life of decadence and impurity. I filled my soul with the blackest trappings. Pornography, smut, Japanese Cartoons… all of the most vile things known to man became my domain. Now I am blase and impudent, sleeping in the storm of the world in some suspended animation dream.

The Title: “Suspended Animation Dreams” is the name of an album and a song from that album by the band Subterranean Masquerade. I dote upon it with the highest recommendations to everyone, especially if you like Pink Floyd and have always desired a ‘heavier version.’

hatsune miku kb colorful graveyard

Something like this.

21st Century Digital Boy

“I cant believe it, the way you look sometimes,
Like a trampled flag on a city street, oh yeah,And I don’t want it, the things you’re offering me,
Symbolized bar code, quick id, oh yeah,

cause I’m a 21st century digital boy,
I don’t know how to live but Ive got a lot of toys,
My daddy’s a lazy middle class intellectual,
My mommy’s on valium, so ineffectual,
Ain’t life a mystery?”

-21st Century Digital Boy by Bad Religion

Also author of Fuzakenna and Not Unlike the Waves

Ultra Eternal Blackout

The further back he tilted his head, the more monstrous the mountain in front of him became.  Pocking various places along the way up were small flags, barely visible as they fluttered in the breeze, that marked the claims of otaku that had been there before he.

“I came this far,” they announced to all who cared, “and continued to climb further, for a love of anime is one that is never satiated.” The higher up the young, naive adventurer stared, the fewer monuments of similar like he could see; it seemed that the mountain continued up into the clouds, as if it were never ending. Absentmindedly adjusting the pack slung across his shoulder, he sighed heavily; still so far to go, after all this time. Then, as if driven mad by the thinning air around him, he began to laugh maniacally.

“And yet the climb is so much fun! Every step I take, every obstacle I overcome, it brings me such joy!” His laughter slowly devolved into a wide grin upon his face as he gripped the rockface and turned to stare down at the earth below him. At the very base of the mountain frolicked so many of the anime fans who desired nothing more than occasional entertainment. Sometimes, when he lay in bed at night, the adventurer wondered if he wouldn’t be better off staking his place on the mountain and returning back down to be among them, to the place where being an anime fan was so much…simpler.

“That’s such a silly idea,” he would tell himself, believing it with all his heart and soul. “Down there, among the crowd, I could never be heard if I felt like exclaiming to the world just how much I love anime. But at the top…atop this mountain, I can scream it to my heart’s content, and my words will echo down into the valley below for all to hear.”

And so the adventurer continued upward, every day; he carried with him a deep seated love for anime and a desire to continuously improve himself as an otaku.

Deep in his heart, he knew that there was no summit; he knew the climb would never end. But it wasn’t a secret he kept locked away because it would ruin him to think admit; it was a secret he stored away in his heart, because it was nothing more than a reminder that what he was accomplishing would always bring him the truest joy he would ever find in life.


Ye who keeps a library of the Earth’s olden books,
Locked away in thine head for safekeeping.
Doth thee remember something of utter importance?
What manner doth it need be explained?
And what contribution doth it gives on thine common folk?
Doth thee want to share thy knowledge ever present?
If so, use thine paper, ink and quill.
Weave thine dreams and thoughts, give them form and will.

But woe, thee and thine dreams are imperfect!
And so is thine society, who persecutes thee.
With words thee convey, with words they will judge thee.
And oh, how thine deep wounds hurt!
For they scar and take so much time to heal.
So why doth thee continue holding paper and quill?
Why doth thee hold them if they pierce thee like a spear?
Why impale thyself and let thine blood gush forth?
Doth it give thee strength to push forward?
Or doth thee feel happiness in despair?

Then set forth, thine dreams lie ahead!
Nirvana doth not lie in a place that is easy to find.
Set forth, take your place!
The Palace of Immortals is for thine taking.
Set forth, do what must be done!
Change and realization doth not lie in one place.
But before thine journey, words of wisdom from me:
From nothing we spawn, from nothing we return.

Also the author of Rainbowsphere.


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Quite possibly the best bio of any anime blog.

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