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Hanamaru Kindergarten 2: One Toddler’s Understanding of the ‘Best Policy’.
January 18, 2010, 2:59 pm
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For lack of a better way to begin this post, I’m just going to say once again that I really love this anime, for a great many reasons.

In his recent post on this very same episode, DigitalBoy spent a good bit of time obsessing over Hiiragi, (not that I can blame him, of course.) then went on to make a very profound observation, inspired by none other than Hii-chan herself. “In my opinion, the greatest characteristic of intelligence is curiosity,” he says, surely fixated on thoughts of Hiiragi in her safari costume as he does so. “Some people believe that they understand everything, and therefore think that they have learned all that they need to.” He goes on to voice his disappointment in all the people who live their lives without experiencing enough of what the world has to offer.

On top of agreeing whole-heartedly with this opinion, I’d like to make a similar observation on the mind of a toddler. A good deal of this series so far has dealt with the Misadventures of the Unlikely Couple of Tsuchi and Anzu. Her repeated confessions of their ‘forbidden love’ never fail to reap chaos in the classroom. Now, more or less anyone who’s seen the anime is mentally brushing aside the possibility of them ever getting  married, passing it off as the innocence and naivety of a toddler. I include myself in that statement; that point aside, though, what I really love about Anzu is just how well she portrays the simple honestly of a little girl.

When we were young, most of us were taught that ‘honesty is the best policy’. As we draw nearer to the world of adults, however, it seems to be an ideal that falls more and more to the wayside.  It’s easier to lie, to pass the blame, or to hide our feelings; that way, no one gets hurt. At least, it doesn’t appear that anyone does. What we forget, though, is the simplicity of an honest childhood. Mistakes were made, apologies were accepted, and the world continued to turn as it had before.

For every two adults who believe that the emotional mindset of a child means they can’t be relied on for important tasks, it seems that there’s only one who sees the true value in them. There are a great many people who see hope for world peace in the honesty of youth. I, for one, still live by the credo of simple, heartfelt honesty. I believe strongly that if everyone were to just make their true feelings and opinions known, we could all come to the same compromises that we did as children.

Which is why I love just how much of a 3-dimensional character Anzu is. I’ve heard someone make a comment about how disgusted they were that a kindergarten girl could be so perverted; what this person utterly fails to realize, however, is that Anzu is nothing more than an innocent and honest little girl. Well, that, and the fact that nothing she has said so far has been in the least bit ‘perverted’; taking into consideration the lengths her parents went to to be together, it’s no wonder so much of Anzu’s world revolves around love. The  question of whether or not she actually has feelings for her teacher aside, Anzu does a great job of expressing the simple, open honesty of a toddler, and that’s one of the many reasons she’s my favorite character in this series.

(I would like to give a quick nod to the runner-up in that category, actually. Kawashiro, one of the other teachers, definitely wins second place. Her personality is hilarious, and she’s pretty damn cute, too, if I’m going to be honest.)

Even though I had to wait a full week between the first and second episodes of this anime, it feels like the roller-coaster ride of adorable characters and hilarious moments never even stopped. This show has a REALLY long list of things going for it, and drives home exactly why GAINAX is my favorite anime studio. (I know, I know; real original, right? Doesn’t change the fact that it is.) I’m definitely keeping a spot reserved for this series atop my favorite anime list; for now, though, I’ll just have to hide in my closet in the fetal position until the next episode.

I almost died laughing when I watched this particular scene.


Sora no Woto 2–Diary of a Proud Soldier.
January 14, 2010, 7:00 pm
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I hate this. What the heck were they thinking, sending us a bugler who doesn’t even know how to play? It’s probably just another joke to them; they had nowhere to send a useless girl like her, so they send her here, to mesh with our stupid, useless platoon. But we’re not useless! If they would just send us replacement parts for our tank, or give us a mission for once…

Gah. She’s so obnoxious, so naive. What good is she, anyway?


It looks like Noel was up working all last night again. I don’t know why she bothers, it’s not like we can fix that tank without the right parts. And yet…at least she’s doing something. She works so hard all the time, then has to suffer from sleep deprivation; it’s not fair. The rest of them just sit around doing nothing; they’re so lax.

The new girl is so annoying. She’s lazy, just like the rest of them, yet she’s always so optimistic. I’ll teach her her place though; I’m her superior. I’ll make sure she understands that.


Why the hell am I the one who has to take her around on a tour!? Why can’t I do something useful for once…

The new girl is too informal. Yet, at the same time, she follows simple orders with such determination…God, why is she so optimistic all the time!?

Why is the Captain cleaning the bathroom again? It’s Noel’s turn today; even if she can’t do it, shouldn’t the Captain have more important things to do? She’s so informal about it all, like order just doesn’t apply to us. Can’t she see, though? Can’t she? That’s why they laugh at us! That’s why they call us useless, that’s why we’re such a joke! Things will never get better if we keep acting this way! We have to prove that we’re not useless, we have to show them that we can accomplish something…all alone out here, at the edge of the world…


She’s laughing at us. She’s laughing at our broken tank, at our lack of discipline; she’s laughing at our whole, stupid platoon! I can tell! But she’s useless, too! Why does she think it’s so funny? What’s so funny about us!?


The Captain says that everything will be okay…but how can anything ever be okay? We’re all so useless…the Captain, though, and Rio…even Noel…they’re such great soldiers…but how will they ever be able to accomplish anything with us around?


There’s no such things as ghosts. Rio’s right. I know that ghosts don’t exist…but if that’s true, then why am I so scared to be here with just this unreliable girl for company? Her optimism really gets on my nerves…

The thunderstorm doesn’t help, either. She says it sounds like a marching beat, but I don’t hear it. To me, it just sounds…scary. Almost like we’re trapped inside here, all alone.

But there’s no such thing as ghosts…right?


I hate rats. They’re so dirty, and creepy, and ugly…

Why do there have to be so damn many rats…?


How could a place like this have ever been a school? Aren’t schools supposed to be beautiful places where kids go to learn? This isn’t anything like that. The new girl is crazy; this can’t be a school.

What is it with her and music? And why does she think everything is so wonderful…what’s wonderful about a bunch of useless soldiers in the middle of nowhere? I just don’t see what’s so great about it…even with the Captain here, and Rio-sempai…and Noel…and we never get anything done, all we do is play around all the time…


But who cares if our platoon is useless? All the others…they’re all such great people, and they’re even better soldiers. I love this fortress, and the people and things inside of it. Who cares what the idiots in the capitol think of us? It’s their own fault for leaving us stranded out here. I don’t care if they laugh at us.

All I care about is that things can stay the way they are. All I want is for the Captain, and Rio, and Noel… I just want them to be happy here. They deserve it. If they’re happy…I’m happy. I won’t let anyone take that away from us.

…Maybe the new girl was right. Maybe this is a wonderful place to be.

Maybe she isn’t as stupid and useless as I first thought.


“I’m the gunner of the 1121st, and it’s a wonderful place to be!!”


Who’s idea was it to keep the stupid bird, anyway? I should’ve killed it when I had the chance…

I guess it is kind of cute, though. Maybe it isn’t so bad.

I guess nothing here is as useless as it seems.

– Suminoya Kureha

(To read this episode in Sorami Kanata’s diary, go here.)

The first episode of Sora no Woto was astounding, but the second truly just blew me away. It was a masterpiece of animation for a laundry list of reasons, ranging from character depth to unique humor, then back again. I’m ranking this one as my second most anticipated show of the season, and it’s only losing to Hanamaru Kindergarten by a small margin. There’s not much else to say, except that I’ll be anxiously awaiting the release of the third episode.

On a side note, taking the time to write out a diary entry was really a blast, even though I felt like I took a few too many liberties with the character. It really allowed me to get inside this character’s head, and whereas I’d originally overlooked her as being my favorite character, I’m beginning to get the feeling that she just might be.

I felt like I just had to include this a screenshot of this part. It was one of my favorite jokes in the episode.

Hanamaru Kindergarten–Truly Beautiful, Nothing Less.

I refuse to beat around the bush with this one: this was definitely my favorite series opener of the winter season, and I feel that, barring some sort of catastrophe, it’s destined to find itself a spot on my favorite anime list. Somehow, it had managed to slip under my radar; but thanks to 21stcenturydigitalboy’s response to it on Fuzakenna and a God-sent lapse in newly released episodes to watch, I took that first step and decided to check it out.

Plain and simple, Hanamaru Kindergarten is not only a hilarious, adorable peek into the lives of realistic kindergartners, it’s an anime determined to portray the relationships between the adult characters, in an extremely unique and no-holds-barred way. On top of that, it also delivers a lot of classic anime humor and entertainment in a tasteful manner. This anime just amazes me with how many directions it’s taking its story in, and just how vastly it can succeed.

I’m the sort of person who just can’t handle when characters, be they animated or ‘real’, put themselves into a nasty situation through sheer stupidity or ignorance, and then just continue to dig themselves a deeper hole; I hate the ‘absurdly stupid’ moments, if you will. But, somehow, I couldn’t do anything but laugh as Tsuchida, the main male character and kindergarten teacher fresh out of college, tries (and fails, utterly) to explain  to his student’s parents that he is not, in fact, a pedophile. It didn’t appear to me to be the rantings of a shallow, idiotic character; he was desperately trying to save his own reputation. More than that, though, I love the fact that the parents can spot his good-natured honesty as he flails about in front of them.

The kindergartners are just absolutely adorable; there’s no denying that, and it has nothing to do with being a lolicon or not. Not only do they act like realistic toddlers, they each have a unique personality. Koume is quiet and shy, Hiiragi is intelligent and well-mannered, and Anzu is outgoing and courageous. What really gives the characters depth, though, is more or less a reverse side to a coin; if what you see most of the time from them can be considered heads, then their truest personality is tails, fairly literally, in Hii-chan’s case. Koume is anxious to befriend people, Hiiragi loves to act the part of a little kid when she’s at home, and Anzu is, well…flirtatious and insane.

I feel the kids are really the heart and soul of this anime, but the back story involving the adult characters is brilliant as well. Tsuchida’s worries about being the one male kindergarten teacher in about a dozen schools, (I can do math!) his fledgling feelings for Yamamoto, another teacher, and his discovery that Anzu’s mother was his high school senior all wrap together nicely. At first, I couldn’t help but wonder if Sakura’s husband had left her, and if the story would bring Tsuchida and her together; but then he shows up, and my theory got blown out of the water. Even so, the great characters and what has been, so far, amazing writing and direction give me the impression that this anime could take itself in a million different directions, all of them astounding.

I really, really can’t wait for the next episode of this anime; more so than any other series this season, even after a truly amazing second episode to Sora no Woto. Like I said earlier, I won’t be surprised at all if this anime finds itself a spot among my all-time favorites, and it’s definitely going pretty deep into my ever-growing ‘Vault’ of precious anime discoveries. Most importantly, I’m definitely going to be hanging this over my loli-loving, shoujo-obsessed friend’s head for a while.

Seikon no Qwaser–Wait, did I just enjoy a Shounen anime?
January 11, 2010, 11:20 pm
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As a general rule, I’m not that big a fan of action anime. It just takes a lot to get me interested in one. So far, the only one to really succeed at that has been Bleach, and with so much else to watch lately, I’ve more or less had a ‘falling out’ of sorts with the series. But from the moment I found out about Seikon no Qwaser, I began to highly anticipate it’s release. Maybe it was the fairly unique art style, perhaps it was the mostly serious description interjected with a statement so absurd-sounding I just had to do a double take. Whatever the reason, I’ve been anticipating it’s release for a while now, and now I get to see it for the first time.

Seeing as the opening scene is extremely random, fairly cliche and utterly uninteresting (you really want to know? Fine. Four words can sum it up pretty well: OH HEY A MOTH.) I’m going to just forget I ever saw it, and begin with the opening. It plays out like most shounen anime openings; random clips of badassery set to what is, ultimately, a really good song with a unique feel to it. So far, it’s played out not that differently from most shounen I’ve watched; but even so, I’ve still got a gnawing in the pit of my stomach that it’s worthwhile.

See? I told you. It's a moth.

Anyway, now that the opening’s out of the way, I’m sure we’re about to be introduced to our hapless, hot-headed main character. He’s more than likely late to school, or sleeping in class, or…or…wait. It’s a…girl? Well, this is relatively unique, from the little I know of shounen anime. She’s pretty cute, too…I’m not too sure about the girl next to her though. Anyway, she stands from her spot in front of an altar, and in a not-so-surprising twist, begins to have a flashback. That’s nothing really unique, but…well, hey, at least she’s adorable as a kid. The other girl is, too; maybe I was too quick to dismiss the her as unattractive? Back to the point; surprisingly enough, the girl’s father, the one who’d carried them to the altar, has, well…gone missing. I’m beginning to have a few doubts about just how unique this anime is going to be.

I still have faith though; Massugu, go! The main character’s voice is a little surprising; it really wasn’t what I expected when I first saw her, but that’s definitely a good thing. She ponders the mysterious situation for a few moments longer, then glances at her inherited pocket watch; time for school, apparently. She calls out to the other girl as she hefts her things over her shoulder, but…no response. She calls to her again, and…well, apparently she’s asleep. I’m really beginning to rethink my original opinion of her; she’s starting to appear fairly moe. Our main heroine takes matters into her own hands, using her wooden katana as a crude alarm clock.

Wait. Hold on a second. Can anyone explain to me why this moe girl needs boobs that are seriously bigger than my damn head? More importantly, why do I need to watch them bounce up and down for five seconds while she runs? All it’s doing is making me wonder just how painful it would be to be unlucky enough to catch them upside my face when she turns…yeah, I think I’ll pass on her. At least the other girl is attractive and has good voice acting. Anyway, back to the anime…left, right, left, right, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce…

What’s this? I do believe our main character just referred to her wake-up call as a ‘love tap;’ am I the only one who senses a bit of forthcoming yuri here? Well, perhaps I am. Still, a guy can dream; that would definitely explain why I was so attracted to this anime in the first place. A sixth sense, perhaps? Really though, on with the episode. Our two characters just barely make it through the school gates before Tomo, our resident ‘Moe Juggernaut’, trips over her own feet and hits the ground, just as a nearby nun hefts a pot of flowers and softly proclaims, “tulips.” Wow, this is probably the hottest nun I’ve ever seen…

With little else to say, though, the nun walks slowly from the garden, and it appears Tomo is unscathed by her fall, more than likely bounced into a kneeling position once her boobs hit the ground. Mafuyu more or less calls her a klutz, then extends a hand to help her to her feet, calling her a ‘princess’ as she does. Wait; did that really just happen? Well, oh my, yes it did. Who called it, huh? Who called the yuri?

So, they arrive in class, and Tomo finds a fairly unpleasant surprise awaiting her on her desk. You can hear the rest of the class whispering amongst themselves; when Mafuyu turns toward them to find the guilty culprit, however, she’s met with silence. Save for one voice, that is. It appears to be a fairly smart-ass tomboy named Hana in the corner of the room; I’m beginning to think that my attraction to this anime might be some form of a miracle. Either way, I feel it’s necessary  to point out that she, too, is really freaking hot. She claims the whole class believes Tomo was taken by a serial killer, and is then rudely interrupted by the class president, who I’m sure can’t be anywhere near as attracti-…

Well, I’ll be. First the main heroine, then a tomboy, now an adorable little loli for us to fall in love with? I have truly been blessed with this anime. I really do need to remain focused though. Either way, Hana continues with her speech about the serial killer. Mafuyu erupts with rage, pinning her to the wall–my god, that’s hot–then Tomo appears, really only adding a bit more yuri to the moment, and then they’re all interrupted by what appears to be yet another female character. Oh, god, it’s like Christmas morning; what do we get this time?

This time around, it’s…boobs. I don’t believe I’m about to say this, but I think they’re bigger than Tomo’s. This, right here, is truly frightening; in the 4 seconds of screen time she’s had so far, she’s already begun to annoy me. Mafuyu threatens her in return, and, thankfully, she leaves. With the character introductions out of the way, nothing really happens for the rest of the school day; so, we fast forward ahead to the walk home.

We’re treated to a bit more yuri-esque dialogue between the two, then, well…Tomo trips and more or less flattens a kid with her tits. They smack him upside the head for the ensuing perverted comeback, and it turns out they’ve taken him home to nurse him, because he’s probably just had a concussion. Mafuyu and Tomo argue over his gender for a little while, but when they decide to just remove his pants to see, he appears to have disappeared out the window. Mafuyu gives chase, and just happens to notice that the church is on fire.

She enters the church with katana in hand, ignoring the blue flames as she races toward the altar; here is actually the first time we’re treated to any real fanservice, with a swift panty shot. Anyway, out from the darkness walks the creepy chick in black from the beginning of the anime, who spouts a bit more random gibberish before shackling Mafuyu to the wall. She does a bit of soul searching while pinned to the wall, and it turns out, like any shounen hero, she was determined to become stronger to protect her friend. Go figure.

Before the killer can finish what she started, however, the boy from earlier intervenes, and our baddie more or less cowers in fear. She continues her assault soon enough, but is stopped once again, this time by the really hot nun from earlier. She kneels down in front of the boy, and he begins to suck on her…wait, what? Oh, okay. Breast milk equals power. Right.

From there on out, the only important part of the scene is his act of turning a huge iron cross into a weapon, and Teresa’s explanation that he’s a ‘Qwaser’, a descendant of Hermes, who can, with the power of soma, just do shit like that. He spits out an extremely badass line as he forms his weapon:  “Have you ever trembled in fear? Have you ever feel fear chill you to the very bone?” Then…good god, it’s a scythe. What have I done to deserve this anime? Either way, he completely and utterly annihilates the villain, and begins bleeding from his scar.

The next day in school, it’s a bit of a surprise to see that the ruined church looks brand new again, but not much of a shock that his name is Alexander, he comes from Russia, and he’s the newest member of their class. Skipping ahead to the ending, because the last few minutes hardly matter, and all I can say is, wow, that’s a lot of fanservice for one ending. Another good song as well.

Looking back on everything, you’d think I really didn’t enjoy this episode too much. But despite my constant harping on every cliché, it had a pretty unique feel to it. There’s not much to be said in the way of animation, directing, or music, but the plot has me intrigued and if nothing else, I’d stick around for the damn good-looking characters and the yuri. I do have a good amount of faith in it though; if I do have some sort of sixth sense, it’s knowing when something’s worth watching, despite the way it appears. Case in point, this is one shounen anime that I actually enjoy–thus far, at least–and I’m definitely anticipating the next episode.

Kanokon: Manatsu no Daishanikusai. Fanservice, dicking around, nothing of any importance…oh, and fanservice.


Would anyone happen to know where I can find Atsushi Ootsuki at this hour of the day? I’ve got a bit of a bone to pick with him. And if not, would anyone know where I could pick up a few cheap babies? I have this overwhelming urge to punt one out a 3rd story window.

I’m sure many of you are thinking, ‘well good golly gosh, man, what’s gotten into you?’ WELL, I’LL TELL YOU WHAT’S GOTTEN INTO ME. I just finally got around to watching both episodes of Kanokon: Manatsu no Daishanikusai, and have found within myself this INSATIABLE URGE to bring about justice in response to this excuse for an OAV.

I can’t explain to any of you how very much I loved the original twelve episodes of Kanokon. I was introduced to it by two of my close friends early last fall, because they knew of my love for kitsunes in general. They forced me to sign a sacred contract that if I ever told anyone else about this, their gem, their pride and joy of discovered anime, that they would gain property rights to my soul for the next six years. Driven forth by my love for fox girls, I quickly signed, and we marathon’d the series in one night; from midnight to six in the morning. About halfway through, I was DUCT TAPED to an ARMCHAIR, (This part, I’m not making up.) because it had been foreseen that I would transform into some sort of unholy beast when I saw the way Chizuru was treated during the next episode.  I can’t really tell you if the prophecy came true or not; I blacked out with rage halfway through the episode. When I was woken by the sound of the ending theme song, however, I do vaguely remember the smell of brimstone pervading the room…

Anyway, with a reaction like that, I’m sure you can probably tell just how much I was looking forward to this OAV. I originally put it off, in hopes of watching it with the people who had originally introduced me to Kanokon, but after several months of waiting, I finally said ‘fuck them’ and watched both parts back-to-back earlier this afternoon.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so disappointed in my entire life.

The OAV takes place at the very beginning of summer break, and we’re treated to just a MASSIVE surprise: Chizuru is in Kouta’s apartment. AGAIN. Who would’ve seen it coming? Anyway, almost all of the rest of the first episode cuts back and forth between five things:

1. Tayura trying to work up the courage to ask Asahina on a date.

2. Yuki and Kiriko spend the entire day doing random shit together.

3. Ai and Ren attempting to catch something, ANYTHING, to eat.

4. Nozomu walking around town without any clothes on.

5. Chizura doing sexercises and other provocative things while Kouta attempts to do his homework.

That’s it. Really. Ai and Ren are still adorable and a little depressing to watch, and all the guys watching the show can’t help but cry a few man tears in response to Tayura’s situation and cheer him on. Towards the end of the episode, things actually begin to happen; Chizuru’s mother and Yukihana show up in Kouta’s apartment, and the usual chaotic scene wherein Tamamo attempts to woo Kouta away from her daughter ensues.  Throughout the whole episode, the only thing that moves the plot is talk of a fireworks show the next evening, and Tamamo’s gift of kimonos to Chizuru and Kouta for them to wear.

The second episode gets a little more interesting; be forewarned though, when I say ‘a little’, I mean ‘a little.’ All of the character’s struggles from the previous day (or whatever you feel like calling what Nozomu was up to the whole time.) continue throughout the first half of the episode. Chizuru and Kouta spend the day off on their own until they’re caught inside a small shrine by a sudden rainstorm. They both remove their kimonos, and Chizuru spends the next 3 minutes chasing this retarded little fucker around until she finally pins him, and…the fucking rain stops. FML.

So, the episode culminates with the fireworks show, and almost the entire cast of characters (excluding Kiriyama and Mio, who, for some FUCKING REASON, got 20 seconds of screen time in the entire fucking OAV. Oh, and Minori and acquaintances, of course.) are in attendance atop the school roof. Ai and Ren are stuffing themselves full of food, which in itself is adorable. The biggest surprise is that it looks like Tayura finally managed to get Asahina to go out on a date with him; once again, pretty much every guy watching this pumped their fist in the air when they saw the two together. But what happens between Chizuru and Kouta? I mean, they are the MAIN FUCKING CHARACTERS of one of my FAVORITE ANIME.

Nothing happens, really. She smothers him in her bosom, and Nozomu, of course, comes over and begins to cling to his arm. We get to watch them talk about what’s probably something we want to hear; but, we don’t hear them say it. Fucking hell. That’s the end of the OAV; unless you count the last ten seconds where we get to see Chizuru waking Kouta up the next morning, wearing yet another exposing dress. I suppose that’s something, at least; just to remind us that the ‘happily-ever-after’ they earned at the end of the anime hasn’t disappeared over night or anything.

So, what has this hour long OAV (that I waited several tedious months for, mind you.) really given us? For the most part, we got to watch all the characters doing the same things they did during the anime, whenever and wherever they could fit screen time into this OAV. It’s hard to complain about that; I enjoyed watching them, because they’ve always been entertaining characters. But you’d think they could’ve gone SOMEWHERE with this.

Okay, wait. I suppose they did go somewhere with the OAV. The only things they really accomplished, though, were finally getting Tayura and Asahina together, and, well, fitting in even more Chizuru fanservice. This, that, the fanservice, I mean…it pissed me off, to be honest. I enjoyed Chizuru’s personality during the series; all she did in this, however, was show off her tits the entire time. She’s my favorite anime character ever, but it’s really not because of those; I’m not even a fan of big boobs, to be honest. I like things that aren’t always right in your face; literally, in Kouta’s case.

This anime more or less belonged to Tayura; and were it not for the fact that it meant less screen time for Chizuru, I wouldn’t have anything to complain about. Watching him be the sad, shy sap that he is brought back memories of his ‘shining moment’ during the series, where he sets sail to distant corners of the world in search of a way to make Chizuru’s boobs epic (in terms of size, not in terms of win.) again. But overall, I could’ve put up with Tayura getting the spotlight most of the time were it not for the fact that Kouta has apparently reverted to being the stupid fucker he was in the early episodes of the anime.

The little bastard spends almost the entire OAV trying to avoid Chizuru; I mean really, who needs oxygen that badly? Really though; there isn’t one scene in this entire god damned OAV where he shows affection for her at all. The closest we get is during the second episode where he willingly allows her to embrace him, becoming her ‘spoiled child’ once again; he doesn’t even seem happy about it though, merely some form of content.

What did I expect from this OAV? I wanted to see all of the characters doing the things they normally do, because again, that’s part of the reason I enjoyed the anime; the cut-and-paste way they accomplished this, however, is less than appeasing. In the end, none of the characters got enough screen time to really matter. I wanted to see Chizuru and Kouta grow even closer together, and expected Nozomu to cling to him the entire time as well. But I didn’t see any of this; Nozomu didn’t even spend more than a few minutes with him the entire time.

But more than anything, what I wanted was a beautiful addition to this anime series than I loved so much. I wanted to laugh at all the crazy and adorable things the characters did, and wanted to walk away with a heavy heart when all was said and done. I expected so much greater out of this OAV, and the only thing it really delivered was MORE. FUCKING. FANSERVICE. I wanted to see Chizuru’s fucking PERSONALITY again, not MORE OF HER TITS AND PANTIES. Well…not this much, at least.

I can even picture a perfect way for them to have made this OAV: they should’ve had the entire cast of characters away on some trip or what not. That way, more than one or two characters could’ve shared the screen most of the time, and they could’ve interacted with each other more. Chizuru and Kouta could’ve shared a lot more moments together, and Nozomu would’ve always been close at hand to shatter them. It would’ve made it a lot easier for them to end the OAV with all of the characters sharing a moment together, and guess what? THEY STILL COULD’VE HAD PLENTY OF FANSERVICE.

Through and through, this OAV was definitely a letdown. Absolutely nothing happened between the main characters, there were no memorable moments, and almost all the characters spent the whole time dicking around and accomplishing nothing. The only one who did something with himself was Tayura, and it was more than probably the best part of the entire OAV. And, of course, (Insert heavy sigh *here*) more fanservice…

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: You know Chizuru’s adorable golden-haired fox form? Yeah. THERE ISN’T ONE APPEARANCE OF IT IN THIS ENTIRE FUCKING OAV. She doesn’t possess Koata. They don’t kiss. There’s not one ‘I love you’ or anything of the sort. Chizuru is so fucking adorable when she’s in her kitsune form, and we don’t get to see it once.

My prized possession when it comes to anime pictures. ^_^ >.> FUCKING OAV.

This is not the Kanokon I know and love. Kanokon was twelve episodes with just the right mixture of fanservice, hilarious moments, and off-beat romance and harem. Those six hours watching Kanokon for the first time are six hours of my life I don’t think I’ll ever forget, and Chizuru is still my favorite anime character of all time. But this OAV, this stupid fucking OAV…it’s nothing but fanservice, fanservice, and MORE FUCKING FANSERVICE! Kanokon was a lot of fucking fanservice, but it did it with…well, okay, maybe it wasn’t that classy. BUT IT WAS WELL DONE.

After watching Kanokon: Manatsu no Daishanikusai, all I can do is hope and pray more than ever that they make a second season to renew my faith in this anime; but good god, what if they screw that up too!? I suppose we’ll just have to see; for now, though, you’ll have to excuse me–I’ve a bridge to go jump off of. See you again soon; my next post will more than likely be on the new anime ‘Qwaser of Stigmata’ when it releases in a few days.

Also: Fanservice, because I don’t think I’ve used that word enough yet to explain just how much FUCKING MUCH OF IT there was in this OAV.

And just an extra little note: Of COURSE the song that I listen to right before I post this is the ending to the anime. FML.

Sora No Woto– Another song stuck in my head, but one I hope sticks around for a while.

I’d originally only researched about Sora no Woto because I knew a friend of mine, an avid trumpet player and lover of shounen anime, would be excited by it. But after reading more about it, there was absolutely no chance I was going to pass this one up.

As a general rule, when an anime can make me laugh my ass off, fanboy with excitement, and almost cry in response to the many beautiful, touching moments in the anime, all within the first episode, I’m going to put it down as not only well worth watching, but as more than probably destined for greatness.

Sora No Woto (translated to English as ‘Sound of the Skies’) centers around Kanata Sorami, a young girl who joins the army in the hopes of becoming a bugler. From the very beginning of the episode, Kanata’s position as a moe character begins to shine through; clumsy, adorable, reckless and optimistic. Don’t mistake that for anything generic, however. She’s one of the most well-done moe characters I’ve ever seen in an anime. She’s voiced by Hisako Kanemoto, who to date has only been cast in one other anime, Sora no Manimani. Now, I’m not going to pretend like just hearing that name gave me the impression that she was destined for greatness in Sora no Woto, because I’ve never heard of her before now. What I can tell you is that, though, is that her performance as Kanata Sorami is definitely beautiful.

Though none of the other characters in the anime have seen much development so far, I can definitely see that they’re more than likely going to be fairly unique, though perhaps not as much as Kanata. One pleasant surprise about this anime, though, is that it actually has a plot. I won’t go into any detail here, because discovering the plot throughout the course of the first episode was definitely one of the shining factors of this anime; but it definitely has a plot.

What’s even more amazing is that it’s actually a really good plot.

That’s something not many anime these days achieve; a great plot, and great characters. But on top of that, the music in this anime is nothing short of astounding. It seemed to be a given from the very beginning; for an anime that revolves so closely around music, we were almost guaranteed a great soundtrack. But I know I definitely couldn’t predict just how amazing it would be. About halfway through the episode, I almost began to cry; and even though that’s partially because of the happenings of the anime, I know that never would’ve happened were it not for the astounding music playing in the background. The opening song can definitely be considered classical music, but the ending is much more modern, playing up the lighter elements of the show.

One of the things I enjoyed most about this anime could actually be considered hard to notice; there was not a single wasted scene in the entire episode. Anything you might see towards the beginning of the episode that makes no sense, or seems inconsequential? Yeah, you’ll see why it matters later on. At the very least, if you’re attentive, you’ll hear enough to understand what you saw earlier. It’s a small touch that I’m sure a lot of people won’t notice, but it’s definitely a sign of great directing. (Mamoru Kanbe, for anyone interested. He’s worked on a lot of anime, including several notables such as Baccano!, Cardcaptor Sakura and Elfen Lied.)

So after just one episode, what do we have here? Great voice acting, great characters, a great plot, great music, great directing and, though I never mentioned it, great animation. It’s a bit of a given that I’m going to watch more when it’s released; this anime has definitely captivated me, and there are a million reasons why I’m looking forward to watching more.  But on top of that, I’m going to go out on a limb here and call it right now; this anime is destined for greatness, and definitely won’t be forgotten any time soon.