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Having A Look At Seiyuu Motivations (Also Known As: Yui Horie Is A Creepy Old Bat) by metalsonic700
March 9, 2010, 3:52 pm
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Do me a favor and tell me how long you can stomach this video.

Not fucking long, right? I’ve loved Vanilla Salt, the first ending theme from Toradora, ever since Digital Boy used to play it all the god damn time. However, the two of us came to the consensus that the music video was a sin against all things righteous and should be blocked from our collective minds. Easy to see why: Yui Horie is fucking creepy. I always find plastic surgery unnerving and noticeable, but this is crazy. Her face looks like it’s made of fucking plastic. You can feel the sense that she either thinks that she’s cute, or wants to think it, but she is totally not. [By the way, she is a member of Kikuko Inoue‘s ‘forever 17 cult’. I’m pretty sure Kikuko Inoue is joking when she claims to still be 17. Yui Horie is less convincing.]

Leaving aside her creepiness, though, I want to take a look at her career. I rather like Yui Horie as an actress, though she can be grating at times; but hey, you’ve got a lot to go by. She’s in fucking everything, and more often than not, she’s playing a major role. When I first saw her appearing in everything on TV, I just attributed it to being a Japanese person. After all, the Japanese entertainment industry is all about output. Most of the Japanese bands I’ve heard of put out an album on a yearly basis if not even more frequently (as opposed to every 2 or 3 years as is common in the US). I just assumed that she needed that many voice acting jobs to sustain a living.

But hold on, that can’t be right. It’s not like every seiyuu is playing major roles in 4 different shows at all given times. No, I don’t think Horie quite needs this much work so much as wants it. Working as a seiyuu doesn’t strike me as a very glamorous job. Being well-known doesn’t spare you from doing bad shows, and I doubt that it gets you paid a whole lot more than other seiyuu. It’s probably accurate to say that, like anyone else, a seiyuu’s pay is directly proportional to the amount of work they do. So if one seiyuu is getting by on one or two shows a season, then it gives me reason to believe that a seiyuu who does four major roles a season is simply living an expensive lifestyle.

Plastic surgery is not necessarily cheap, but it’s quite obvious that Yui Horie gets a fuckload of it done. I wonder how many side-jobs that face cost her?

This is, of course, all speculation.


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I’ve read seiyuu don’t make very much, but can’t find an article with any hard numbers – in any case, 2D > 3D when it comes to anime characters vs seiyuu in my book. I do like some of the work Yui Horie has done voice acting, but I’d be perfectly happy going through life without having any idea what she looks like in real life.

Comment by suguru

Yui Horie has been creeping me out ever since the Scramble video.

Comment by Baka-Raptor

You are insain. The speculation goes away too far. Hocchan seems so nice and friendly. I love her voice, and I love when she has major roles. If she has had four major roles (as you said), it’s because every one wants to hear her. The production who makes the anime needs money and Horie Yui is the solution. I listen Vanilla Salt all the time since july or august.

Comment by Bévue

Yes, Hocchan has been labelled as a burriko since years ago. I remember coming across that term being used to describe her more least 5 years ago. She may well be living in her own dream world as some eternally youthful princess (unfortunately for her, Yukarin seem to have abandoned her for Nana-chan instead, so she has to make do with her ex-band members from Aice5).

OR, it maybe just an image that she is projecting for her targeted audience.


No, I don’t think that Hocchan went for any surgery. Look at other seiyuus of her age, eg. Yukarin, and you will find that they don’t look that much different.

Secondly, seiyuus are paid per episode (and not well) BUT well known seiyuus can command a higher paypacket as compared to lesser known ones.

To be honest, Hocchan probably gets paid far more by selling singles and concert tickets (oh and she has her own radio show as well). If anything, her frequent appearances on shows may be due to directors requesting her appearance, rather than aggressive auditioning on her part.

Comment by MT

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