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Why Digiboy Should Read Sekiya Asami’s Works: Your Dog, My Sentiments by Shance

It’s been a few years since I first laid my eyes on a chapter of Sekiya Asami’s works, that being a chapter of Your Dog. Yes. Your Dog. That’s the title. Don’t even think of sporting an “Uh… what?” face on me. I don’t know how it was named, nor was the idea behind it plausible. No, really.

Does the cover convince and warn you enough that’s this is going to be a post about NOT SAFE FOR WORK material (kinda)? And no, no spoilers this time around.

The story itself makes up the majority of why you have to read it. Your Dog has a plot that tackles the human tendency to define normal as “abnormal”. It’s like a kind of curiosity that lets people experience boredom, which in turn spurs them to do things that are considered taboo. People do get tired of doing routine activities, right? But do they feel sick because of it? Do they want to stave their boredom and explore some unknown realm by doing something normal people don’t usually do? And ultimately, can it put them at peace with themselves after doing the deed?

People, we’re currently in a time where children become super-precocious by the age of four (Hanamaru *hint hint*). They do immoral things even before they hit junior high, and some people even think it’s normal, reasons notwithstanding. So does the manga do any form of justice to us by pairing a curious and bored schoolgirl with a somewhat rich, old and heartbroken man trying to satiate his sexual desires by picking up willing partners for the act? Age differences, vegetation, remorse, companionship, consent, attractions, precious things. All these, along with amorous advances, would result in the most illicit of relationships. Next thing we know, we’re questioning ourselves whether we should continue on to the next page or not.

See the age difference, see the consent, then imagine what comes after.

The buildup of emotions is enough to stir your emotional insides. The reasoning and logic the story employs are as stupid as the characters’ understanding of love and its relationships. They confuse their other feelings as love, and make good and bad decisions based on this confusion. If they can’t make any more decisions, the story then takes a neutral turn in the form of compromise. The crescendos litter here and there, focusing on one important character to another, as if telling us to feel for them even though the strong disgust from the illicit relationship is getting in the way.

By the way, money is out of the question, story-wise. I mean, it’s there, it’s given emphasis (the staple of any transaction involving sex, of course), but it never took the spotlight. More like it was shunned and ultimately ignored because of the manga’s nature, which rules out the forced implication that money makes the world go round. It’s a good move, actually, because it justified the actions of the characters all the more.

Seriously, I’m trying hard not to post any non-worksafe pics! At least commend me on this or something!

All in all, it’s good, in a bad sort of way. Shin would like this, but he’s already a lolicon bastard. Digiboy’s the next one to convince, then.


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This sounds totally awesome. I’ll check it out ASAP!

Comment by 21stcenturydigitalboy

Please do. I mean, let’s throw the lolicon/pedo implications out the window and just see how the story goes. You’ll find it disgusting and heartwarming at the same time. Trust me.

Comment by Shance

Dude, I can’t thank you enough for this. I read it, and it was amazing. I’ll be doing a post on it myself soon~ possibly a co-post with metalsonic700~

Comment by 21stcenturydigitalboy

No shit. You liked it that much?

Comment by Shance

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