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Chu-Bra 3 – Admit It, This Show Is Getting Good by metalsonic700
January 20, 2010, 11:55 am
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Fuck man, is this the show that had me so apprehensive at first? It’s gotten good. Remember when I said ‘I hope it goes in Manabi Straight directions’? Well, it may be just that! I think we could have real school revolution going on here, and what’s more, I support the fuck out of the petition.

Shit man, this is good directing here

Chu-Bra’s ultimate message is quite simply: “Grow up.” Seriously. Underwear. It’s fucking there. You wear it, I wear it, we all fucking wear it. Our bodies are our bodies, same fucking shit on everyone. Grow the fuck up people, this shit is real. Yes, this is a show about 12 year-olds in underwear, yes it’s for a perverted audience. But guess what? 12 year-olds wear underwear. That’s just a fact, and there’s no reason there can’t be a show about it. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about – it’s just fucking life. It’s one thing when you are indifferent to it, but why attack it? What’s so wrong about underwear appreciation? Nothing. Grow the fuck up.

Chu-Bra three was a lot of fun, because the characters are somewhat interesting and cool and intelligent, and the plot is intriguing. What’s more, this episode was surprisingly well-directed – a LOT happened, and it was paced perfectly. Structure’s good, so there’s no reason to oppose this show. Don’t like it? Fine. But there’s nothing wrong with liking it. And I for one do – it’s fun and cute and well-made, so while it’s not exactly the best show of the season, it’s more than worth watching. Some scenes brought a big smile to my face, and any show that can do that has my respect.

She really holds it all together

So my message to this show’s detractors is simply: Grow the fuck up. There’s nothing wrong with Chu-Bra. I’ve learned this. You should too.


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Where do I sign this…’petition?’

I actually haven’t watched this episode yeah, but I can definitely see it’s been heading in the direction you’re talking about here.

I’m both angry at myself for not doing any posts for this series, and glad I didn’t because I probably would’ve fucked it up big-time.

Comment by UltraEternalBlackout

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