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Hanamaru Kindergarten 2: One Toddler’s Understanding of the ‘Best Policy’. by ultraeternalblackout
January 18, 2010, 2:59 pm
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For lack of a better way to begin this post, I’m just going to say once again that I really love this anime, for a great many reasons.

In his recent post on this very same episode, DigitalBoy spent a good bit of time obsessing over Hiiragi, (not that I can blame him, of course.) then went on to make a very profound observation, inspired by none other than Hii-chan herself. “In my opinion, the greatest characteristic of intelligence is curiosity,” he says, surely fixated on thoughts of Hiiragi in her safari costume as he does so. “Some people believe that they understand everything, and therefore think that they have learned all that they need to.” He goes on to voice his disappointment in all the people who live their lives without experiencing enough of what the world has to offer.

On top of agreeing whole-heartedly with this opinion, I’d like to make a similar observation on the mind of a toddler. A good deal of this series so far has dealt with the Misadventures of the Unlikely Couple of Tsuchi and Anzu. Her repeated confessions of their ‘forbidden love’ never fail to reap chaos in the classroom. Now, more or less anyone who’s seen the anime is mentally brushing aside the possibility of them ever getting  married, passing it off as the innocence and naivety of a toddler. I include myself in that statement; that point aside, though, what I really love about Anzu is just how well she portrays the simple honestly of a little girl.

When we were young, most of us were taught that ‘honesty is the best policy’. As we draw nearer to the world of adults, however, it seems to be an ideal that falls more and more to the wayside.  It’s easier to lie, to pass the blame, or to hide our feelings; that way, no one gets hurt. At least, it doesn’t appear that anyone does. What we forget, though, is the simplicity of an honest childhood. Mistakes were made, apologies were accepted, and the world continued to turn as it had before.

For every two adults who believe that the emotional mindset of a child means they can’t be relied on for important tasks, it seems that there’s only one who sees the true value in them. There are a great many people who see hope for world peace in the honesty of youth. I, for one, still live by the credo of simple, heartfelt honesty. I believe strongly that if everyone were to just make their true feelings and opinions known, we could all come to the same compromises that we did as children.

Which is why I love just how much of a 3-dimensional character Anzu is. I’ve heard someone make a comment about how disgusted they were that a kindergarten girl could be so perverted; what this person utterly fails to realize, however, is that Anzu is nothing more than an innocent and honest little girl. Well, that, and the fact that nothing she has said so far has been in the least bit ‘perverted’; taking into consideration the lengths her parents went to to be together, it’s no wonder so much of Anzu’s world revolves around love. The  question of whether or not she actually has feelings for her teacher aside, Anzu does a great job of expressing the simple, open honesty of a toddler, and that’s one of the many reasons she’s my favorite character in this series.

(I would like to give a quick nod to the runner-up in that category, actually. Kawashiro, one of the other teachers, definitely wins second place. Her personality is hilarious, and she’s pretty damn cute, too, if I’m going to be honest.)

Even though I had to wait a full week between the first and second episodes of this anime, it feels like the roller-coaster ride of adorable characters and hilarious moments never even stopped. This show has a REALLY long list of things going for it, and drives home exactly why GAINAX is my favorite anime studio. (I know, I know; real original, right? Doesn’t change the fact that it is.) I’m definitely keeping a spot reserved for this series atop my favorite anime list; for now, though, I’ll just have to hide in my closet in the fetal position until the next episode.

I almost died laughing when I watched this particular scene.


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Very nice post. You are totally right, it is nothing but excellent that Anzu is so honest, and that’s what I love about her. The idea that people think her mother is doing something wrong by teaching her honesty is FUCKING ludicrous.

Comment by 21stcenturydigitalboy

Wait.. somebody thought Anyu or this anime were “perverted”? Have they ever interacted with little kids? Methinks they doth protest too much..

Comment by Topspin

indeed. Some people are so stuck in anti-loli defense that they miss when a show just wants to have clean, cute fun.

Comment by 21stcenturydigitalboy

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