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Sora no Woto 2–Diary of a Proud Soldier. by ultraeternalblackout
January 14, 2010, 7:00 pm
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I hate this. What the heck were they thinking, sending us a bugler who doesn’t even know how to play? It’s probably just another joke to them; they had nowhere to send a useless girl like her, so they send her here, to mesh with our stupid, useless platoon. But we’re not useless! If they would just send us replacement parts for our tank, or give us a mission for once…

Gah. She’s so obnoxious, so naive. What good is she, anyway?


It looks like Noel was up working all last night again. I don’t know why she bothers, it’s not like we can fix that tank without the right parts. And yet…at least she’s doing something. She works so hard all the time, then has to suffer from sleep deprivation; it’s not fair. The rest of them just sit around doing nothing; they’re so lax.

The new girl is so annoying. She’s lazy, just like the rest of them, yet she’s always so optimistic. I’ll teach her her place though; I’m her superior. I’ll make sure she understands that.


Why the hell am I the one who has to take her around on a tour!? Why can’t I do something useful for once…

The new girl is too informal. Yet, at the same time, she follows simple orders with such determination…God, why is she so optimistic all the time!?

Why is the Captain cleaning the bathroom again? It’s Noel’s turn today; even if she can’t do it, shouldn’t the Captain have more important things to do? She’s so informal about it all, like order just doesn’t apply to us. Can’t she see, though? Can’t she? That’s why they laugh at us! That’s why they call us useless, that’s why we’re such a joke! Things will never get better if we keep acting this way! We have to prove that we’re not useless, we have to show them that we can accomplish something…all alone out here, at the edge of the world…


She’s laughing at us. She’s laughing at our broken tank, at our lack of discipline; she’s laughing at our whole, stupid platoon! I can tell! But she’s useless, too! Why does she think it’s so funny? What’s so funny about us!?


The Captain says that everything will be okay…but how can anything ever be okay? We’re all so useless…the Captain, though, and Rio…even Noel…they’re such great soldiers…but how will they ever be able to accomplish anything with us around?


There’s no such things as ghosts. Rio’s right. I know that ghosts don’t exist…but if that’s true, then why am I so scared to be here with just this unreliable girl for company? Her optimism really gets on my nerves…

The thunderstorm doesn’t help, either. She says it sounds like a marching beat, but I don’t hear it. To me, it just sounds…scary. Almost like we’re trapped inside here, all alone.

But there’s no such thing as ghosts…right?


I hate rats. They’re so dirty, and creepy, and ugly…

Why do there have to be so damn many rats…?


How could a place like this have ever been a school? Aren’t schools supposed to be beautiful places where kids go to learn? This isn’t anything like that. The new girl is crazy; this can’t be a school.

What is it with her and music? And why does she think everything is so wonderful…what’s wonderful about a bunch of useless soldiers in the middle of nowhere? I just don’t see what’s so great about it…even with the Captain here, and Rio-sempai…and Noel…and we never get anything done, all we do is play around all the time…


But who cares if our platoon is useless? All the others…they’re all such great people, and they’re even better soldiers. I love this fortress, and the people and things inside of it. Who cares what the idiots in the capitol think of us? It’s their own fault for leaving us stranded out here. I don’t care if they laugh at us.

All I care about is that things can stay the way they are. All I want is for the Captain, and Rio, and Noel… I just want them to be happy here. They deserve it. If they’re happy…I’m happy. I won’t let anyone take that away from us.

…Maybe the new girl was right. Maybe this is a wonderful place to be.

Maybe she isn’t as stupid and useless as I first thought.


“I’m the gunner of the 1121st, and it’s a wonderful place to be!!”


Who’s idea was it to keep the stupid bird, anyway? I should’ve killed it when I had the chance…

I guess it is kind of cute, though. Maybe it isn’t so bad.

I guess nothing here is as useless as it seems.

– Suminoya Kureha

(To read this episode in Sorami Kanata’s diary, go here.)

The first episode of Sora no Woto was astounding, but the second truly just blew me away. It was a masterpiece of animation for a laundry list of reasons, ranging from character depth to unique humor, then back again. I’m ranking this one as my second most anticipated show of the season, and it’s only losing to Hanamaru Kindergarten by a small margin. There’s not much else to say, except that I’ll be anxiously awaiting the release of the third episode.

On a side note, taking the time to write out a diary entry was really a blast, even though I felt like I took a few too many liberties with the character. It really allowed me to get inside this character’s head, and whereas I’d originally overlooked her as being my favorite character, I’m beginning to get the feeling that she just might be.

I felt like I just had to include this a screenshot of this part. It was one of my favorite jokes in the episode.


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Okay, so I’m a dumbass and made the single weirdest mistake ever when I published this post, which I’ll now explain as best I can.

I noticed that your post wasn’t getting as many hits as it should have been, so I checked Nano. Sure enough, my post was there, and your wasn’t. I was confused – we did everything right, so our posts should have both showed up. So then I looked at SAD’s page on Nano and saw that your post was there, but it said that it had gone up at 4:PM. Confusing.

So then I looked, and was horrified. When I put up our posts, I set them on timers to go up at the exact same time, which should have been 7 PM, but since I utterly SUCK at military time, I fucked up and had put my post at ’19:00′ and yours at ’17:00′. What’s more, apparently SAD still think’s it’s daylight saving’s time, so the post was credited as going up at 4.

Therefor, in Nano’s list, your post magically teleported back in time and entered the stream between the other posts at 4PM. I have no fucking idea why in the hell that is possible, but it is. My bad. Next time I’ll be much more careful @_@

Comment by 21stcenturydigitalboy

Yeah, I noticed that lol. xD I actually went in to check Nano.

Oh well. No worries.

Comment by ultraeternalblackout

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