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Seikon no Qwaser–Wait, did I just enjoy a Shounen anime? by ultraeternalblackout
January 11, 2010, 11:20 pm
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As a general rule, I’m not that big a fan of action anime. It just takes a lot to get me interested in one. So far, the only one to really succeed at that has been Bleach, and with so much else to watch lately, I’ve more or less had a ‘falling out’ of sorts with the series. But from the moment I found out about Seikon no Qwaser, I began to highly anticipate it’s release. Maybe it was the fairly unique art style, perhaps it was the mostly serious description interjected with a statement so absurd-sounding I just had to do a double take. Whatever the reason, I’ve been anticipating it’s release for a while now, and now I get to see it for the first time.

Seeing as the opening scene is extremely random, fairly cliche and utterly uninteresting (you really want to know? Fine. Four words can sum it up pretty well: OH HEY A MOTH.) I’m going to just forget I ever saw it, and begin with the opening. It plays out like most shounen anime openings; random clips of badassery set to what is, ultimately, a really good song with a unique feel to it. So far, it’s played out not that differently from most shounen I’ve watched; but even so, I’ve still got a gnawing in the pit of my stomach that it’s worthwhile.

See? I told you. It's a moth.

Anyway, now that the opening’s out of the way, I’m sure we’re about to be introduced to our hapless, hot-headed main character. He’s more than likely late to school, or sleeping in class, or…or…wait. It’s a…girl? Well, this is relatively unique, from the little I know of shounen anime. She’s pretty cute, too…I’m not too sure about the girl next to her though. Anyway, she stands from her spot in front of an altar, and in a not-so-surprising twist, begins to have a flashback. That’s nothing really unique, but…well, hey, at least she’s adorable as a kid. The other girl is, too; maybe I was too quick to dismiss the her as unattractive? Back to the point; surprisingly enough, the girl’s father, the one who’d carried them to the altar, has, well…gone missing. I’m beginning to have a few doubts about just how unique this anime is going to be.

I still have faith though; Massugu, go! The main character’s voice is a little surprising; it really wasn’t what I expected when I first saw her, but that’s definitely a good thing. She ponders the mysterious situation for a few moments longer, then glances at her inherited pocket watch; time for school, apparently. She calls out to the other girl as she hefts her things over her shoulder, but…no response. She calls to her again, and…well, apparently she’s asleep. I’m really beginning to rethink my original opinion of her; she’s starting to appear fairly moe. Our main heroine takes matters into her own hands, using her wooden katana as a crude alarm clock.

Wait. Hold on a second. Can anyone explain to me why this moe girl needs boobs that are seriously bigger than my damn head? More importantly, why do I need to watch them bounce up and down for five seconds while she runs? All it’s doing is making me wonder just how painful it would be to be unlucky enough to catch them upside my face when she turns…yeah, I think I’ll pass on her. At least the other girl is attractive and has good voice acting. Anyway, back to the anime…left, right, left, right, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce…

What’s this? I do believe our main character just referred to her wake-up call as a ‘love tap;’ am I the only one who senses a bit of forthcoming yuri here? Well, perhaps I am. Still, a guy can dream; that would definitely explain why I was so attracted to this anime in the first place. A sixth sense, perhaps? Really though, on with the episode. Our two characters just barely make it through the school gates before Tomo, our resident ‘Moe Juggernaut’, trips over her own feet and hits the ground, just as a nearby nun hefts a pot of flowers and softly proclaims, “tulips.” Wow, this is probably the hottest nun I’ve ever seen…

With little else to say, though, the nun walks slowly from the garden, and it appears Tomo is unscathed by her fall, more than likely bounced into a kneeling position once her boobs hit the ground. Mafuyu more or less calls her a klutz, then extends a hand to help her to her feet, calling her a ‘princess’ as she does. Wait; did that really just happen? Well, oh my, yes it did. Who called it, huh? Who called the yuri?

So, they arrive in class, and Tomo finds a fairly unpleasant surprise awaiting her on her desk. You can hear the rest of the class whispering amongst themselves; when Mafuyu turns toward them to find the guilty culprit, however, she’s met with silence. Save for one voice, that is. It appears to be a fairly smart-ass tomboy named Hana in the corner of the room; I’m beginning to think that my attraction to this anime might be some form of a miracle. Either way, I feel it’s necessary  to point out that she, too, is really freaking hot. She claims the whole class believes Tomo was taken by a serial killer, and is then rudely interrupted by the class president, who I’m sure can’t be anywhere near as attracti-…

Well, I’ll be. First the main heroine, then a tomboy, now an adorable little loli for us to fall in love with? I have truly been blessed with this anime. I really do need to remain focused though. Either way, Hana continues with her speech about the serial killer. Mafuyu erupts with rage, pinning her to the wall–my god, that’s hot–then Tomo appears, really only adding a bit more yuri to the moment, and then they’re all interrupted by what appears to be yet another female character. Oh, god, it’s like Christmas morning; what do we get this time?

This time around, it’s…boobs. I don’t believe I’m about to say this, but I think they’re bigger than Tomo’s. This, right here, is truly frightening; in the 4 seconds of screen time she’s had so far, she’s already begun to annoy me. Mafuyu threatens her in return, and, thankfully, she leaves. With the character introductions out of the way, nothing really happens for the rest of the school day; so, we fast forward ahead to the walk home.

We’re treated to a bit more yuri-esque dialogue between the two, then, well…Tomo trips and more or less flattens a kid with her tits. They smack him upside the head for the ensuing perverted comeback, and it turns out they’ve taken him home to nurse him, because he’s probably just had a concussion. Mafuyu and Tomo argue over his gender for a little while, but when they decide to just remove his pants to see, he appears to have disappeared out the window. Mafuyu gives chase, and just happens to notice that the church is on fire.

She enters the church with katana in hand, ignoring the blue flames as she races toward the altar; here is actually the first time we’re treated to any real fanservice, with a swift panty shot. Anyway, out from the darkness walks the creepy chick in black from the beginning of the anime, who spouts a bit more random gibberish before shackling Mafuyu to the wall. She does a bit of soul searching while pinned to the wall, and it turns out, like any shounen hero, she was determined to become stronger to protect her friend. Go figure.

Before the killer can finish what she started, however, the boy from earlier intervenes, and our baddie more or less cowers in fear. She continues her assault soon enough, but is stopped once again, this time by the really hot nun from earlier. She kneels down in front of the boy, and he begins to suck on her…wait, what? Oh, okay. Breast milk equals power. Right.

From there on out, the only important part of the scene is his act of turning a huge iron cross into a weapon, and Teresa’s explanation that he’s a ‘Qwaser’, a descendant of Hermes, who can, with the power of soma, just do shit like that. He spits out an extremely badass line as he forms his weapon:  “Have you ever trembled in fear? Have you ever feel fear chill you to the very bone?” Then…good god, it’s a scythe. What have I done to deserve this anime? Either way, he completely and utterly annihilates the villain, and begins bleeding from his scar.

The next day in school, it’s a bit of a surprise to see that the ruined church looks brand new again, but not much of a shock that his name is Alexander, he comes from Russia, and he’s the newest member of their class. Skipping ahead to the ending, because the last few minutes hardly matter, and all I can say is, wow, that’s a lot of fanservice for one ending. Another good song as well.

Looking back on everything, you’d think I really didn’t enjoy this episode too much. But despite my constant harping on every cliché, it had a pretty unique feel to it. There’s not much to be said in the way of animation, directing, or music, but the plot has me intrigued and if nothing else, I’d stick around for the damn good-looking characters and the yuri. I do have a good amount of faith in it though; if I do have some sort of sixth sense, it’s knowing when something’s worth watching, despite the way it appears. Case in point, this is one shounen anime that I actually enjoy–thus far, at least–and I’m definitely anticipating the next episode.


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