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Sora No Woto– Another song stuck in my head, but one I hope sticks around for a while. by ultraeternalblackout

I’d originally only researched about Sora no Woto because I knew a friend of mine, an avid trumpet player and lover of shounen anime, would be excited by it. But after reading more about it, there was absolutely no chance I was going to pass this one up.

As a general rule, when an anime can make me laugh my ass off, fanboy with excitement, and almost cry in response to the many beautiful, touching moments in the anime, all within the first episode, I’m going to put it down as not only well worth watching, but as more than probably destined for greatness.

Sora No Woto (translated to English as ‘Sound of the Skies’) centers around Kanata Sorami, a young girl who joins the army in the hopes of becoming a bugler. From the very beginning of the episode, Kanata’s position as a moe character begins to shine through; clumsy, adorable, reckless and optimistic. Don’t mistake that for anything generic, however. She’s one of the most well-done moe characters I’ve ever seen in an anime. She’s voiced by Hisako Kanemoto, who to date has only been cast in one other anime, Sora no Manimani. Now, I’m not going to pretend like just hearing that name gave me the impression that she was destined for greatness in Sora no Woto, because I’ve never heard of her before now. What I can tell you is that, though, is that her performance as Kanata Sorami is definitely beautiful.

Though none of the other characters in the anime have seen much development so far, I can definitely see that they’re more than likely going to be fairly unique, though perhaps not as much as Kanata. One pleasant surprise about this anime, though, is that it actually has a plot. I won’t go into any detail here, because discovering the plot throughout the course of the first episode was definitely one of the shining factors of this anime; but it definitely has a plot.

What’s even more amazing is that it’s actually a really good plot.

That’s something not many anime these days achieve; a great plot, and great characters. But on top of that, the music in this anime is nothing short of astounding. It seemed to be a given from the very beginning; for an anime that revolves so closely around music, we were almost guaranteed a great soundtrack. But I know I definitely couldn’t predict just how amazing it would be. About halfway through the episode, I almost began to cry; and even though that’s partially because of the happenings of the anime, I know that never would’ve happened were it not for the astounding music playing in the background. The opening song can definitely be considered classical music, but the ending is much more modern, playing up the lighter elements of the show.

One of the things I enjoyed most about this anime could actually be considered hard to notice; there was not a single wasted scene in the entire episode. Anything you might see towards the beginning of the episode that makes no sense, or seems inconsequential? Yeah, you’ll see why it matters later on. At the very least, if you’re attentive, you’ll hear enough to understand what you saw earlier. It’s a small touch that I’m sure a lot of people won’t notice, but it’s definitely a sign of great directing. (Mamoru Kanbe, for anyone interested. He’s worked on a lot of anime, including several notables such as Baccano!, Cardcaptor Sakura and Elfen Lied.)

So after just one episode, what do we have here? Great voice acting, great characters, a great plot, great music, great directing and, though I never mentioned it, great animation. It’s a bit of a given that I’m going to watch more when it’s released; this anime has definitely captivated me, and there are a million reasons why I’m looking forward to watching more.  But on top of that, I’m going to go out on a limb here and call it right now; this anime is destined for greatness, and definitely won’t be forgotten any time soon.


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Wow, you pinned it! I’m glad to see you know what makes directing great and appreciated the episode, which is awesome. A couple of notes: on this blog, I try to format all of the posts in Paragraph 3 and I also use a lot of categories. I’ve gone ahead and fixed that for you, though.

One thing I want to mention, Mamoru Kanbe may have worked on those shows, but he didn’t direct them. He directed Elfen Lied, but CCS is by one of my alltime favorite directors Morio Asaka, and Baccano is done by the amazing Takahiro Omori – not that that doesn’t mean Kanbe has a great track record and does an amazing job with this show.

I’m greatly looking forward to more of this show, and I’d love to read more of your powerful reactions to it!

EDIT: Oh, and the ‘another song stuck in my head’ line reminds me of a lyric from the Tool song ‘Third Eye’. Is that where it comes from?

Comment by 21stcenturydigitalboy

(Mamoru Kanbe, for anyone interested. He’s worked on a lot of anime, including several notables such as Baccano!, Cardcaptor Sakura and Elfen Lied.)

Taken from the text.

But yeah, sorry for not categorizing it. I noticed that it was uncategorized, but when I went in to try to fix it, I couldn’t figure out where to do it.

As far as Paragraph 3…Well, hell if I know.

…You know what, it just might be. I hadn’t realized it, but that might be where I got the idea.

Comment by ultraeternalblackout

lol. When you are typing the post, you’ll notice a bunch of buttons right above the textbox. One is a thing that says ‘Paragraph’ and has an arrow next to that. Click it, and scroll down and click on ‘header 3’ and it’ll make whatever text you have highlighted into the bold type you see above :D

Comment by 21stcenturydigitalboy

Works for me.

On a related note, how can I change the watching/reading/listening descriptions over there <—–? Oh, and the author blurb as well, once I actually get one written out.

Comment by ultraeternalblackout

Unfortunately only I and MS700 can change the things, but I definitely want everyone’s info in there! Just tell me what to add and I’ll add it for ya.

Comment by 21stcenturydigitalboy

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