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Running From Chu-Bra. NEVER. ESCAPING. by metalsonic700
January 6, 2010, 12:21 am
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NOTE: Before you read this, I want to point out that I am not insulting Chu-Bra in this post nor anyone who likes it. I enjoyed the first episode and maybe you will too. You probably would know this reading the post, but I felt I should point it out because this incredibly stupid motherfucker missed that point and I’d hate to see anyone else make a complete fucking fool of themselves doing the same. Thank you.

I watched the first episode of Chu-Bra and I realized that this anime was asking me a question, and that it was a question that I did not want to answer. The question was something along the lines of ‘Are you a lolicon? y/n’, no ‘buts’ or ‘ands’ about it. This show clearly exists for a singular purpose – to provide fanservice of twelve year old anime girls. That’s it. This show is only possible as an anime, period. It’s not a show that a little tweaking could make acceptable. There are shows like Kodomo no Jikan that go younger and harsher, but have had a case made for them about their dramatic plot, etc. – Chu-Bra offers no such consolation. It is a show about underwear. It is a show about underwear in relation to 12-year-old girls. It is about nothing else. Do you have to be a lolicon pervert to enjoy Chu-Bra? Not necessarily – it is certainly unique, a bit funny, and entertaining, so maybe you can watch it for that – but the fact is, that’s not what it was made for.

Chu-Bra airs on a station called ‘AT-X’ which is known for airing fanservice anime uncut when other channels couldn’t get away with it. Shows like Kanokon and Queen’s Blade play on this channel. This show airs at 11:30 PM. I’m telling you, there is exactly one fucking audience for this show, and it is fucking lolicon perverts, so if you watch the show, you have to ask yourself – ‘am I a lolicon pervert?’

It’s a question you may not like to know the answer to. I’ve already known it. I know what search tags I use on image boards. I know the kind of doujinshi I read. I know the kind of anime I enjoy for what kind of reasons. There is no hiding, and no lying to myself. I can bullshit my way through anything, but a fact that I don’t even feel comfortable stating remains – if I watched Chu-Bra, and I enjoyed it, it wouldn’t be because it was funny. It wouldn’t be because it has decent animation or vocal performances or is unique. Maybe, just maybe I’d be watching it because it has educational facts about underwear, and I am somewhat interested from a fashion standpoint. But let’s face it – if I continue watching this show, it’s because I like the character designs, and because I like the way that they look in their underwear. That is the only thing that I know would justify my watching multiple episodes of this show that otherwise I know would not hold my attention.

I can take some solace in the fact that I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I am not a pedophile. Actually, I only like older women ‘in the meat’ (as Digiboy is trying to make into the new way of saying ‘in real life’) – I find it disturbing to date anyone who is younger than me, and I prefer that they be at least a year older than me, otherwise I feel like I’ve had too much more experience than them. I do like short women and I don’t like big breasts, but the women I like are more cool, independent, and older. ‘Cougars’ or something, that they would call them in pop culture. However, when it comes to anime, my tastes are simply more broad. Anime characters can come in all shapes, ages and sizes, and I can still find them attractive. It has nothing to do with a preference – I don’t specifically like younger anime girls, but I also am totally not opposed to them. It’s like a mechanism in my brain tells me ‘it doesn’t matter, because they are anime anyway. No harm can come from this.’ And I wish the governments of many countries would recognize this fact as well.

As a matter of fact, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people being lolicons. One of America’s founding fathers said ‘my right to swing my fist ends where another man’s right not to get hit begins.’ That is the basis of law – we punish people who do wrong to others. There is no wrong whatsoever in having sexual feelings for a cartoon. No one is at stake here. However, the fact that people believe that there is, and more so the fact that it is illegal in many countries, makes it easy to feel bad about it. Which is utter bullshit! No one should have to feel bad about their preferences! Isn’t this what we tell our goddamn kids in our educational television shows when we are trying to give them the self-confidence to function in society and not feel like everyone hates them? Come on, people! This is prejudice on sexual preference, but it’s so unanimous that no one questions it! If you want real political correctness, leave the damn lolicons alone or hang your fucking selves on the nooses you built to end discrimination!

I completely digress. If I watch Chu-Bra, I admit to myself that I am a lolicon, because there is no other reason to enjoy it. How am I to defend this show? How am I to say that ‘well, it’s actually a good show, you just have to be a lolicon to enjoy it.’ I shouldn’t really have to feel uncomfortable saying that, but you know, an Australian guy could get arrested just for following through on that recommendation and getting caught for it. Whatever. Fuck the world. Fuck the retro-active state of the planet right now. France is banning insults. Ireland is banning sacrilege. I feel like banning myself from life. Everyone who allows this to continue makes me sick, and I include myself for being too comfortable in life to throw a fucking riot.


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Well if that’s what you really meant, I guess I’m forced to eat crow then.

Comment by meep

I’m glad you’re willing to admit it. Now let’s try to be friends from now on.

Comment by metalsonic700

Don’t expect the world to accept or tolerate your tastes. The only way that will happen is if you accommodate yourself to what the world expects from you. Don’t let it get to you, though!

Comment by animekritik

I probably wouldn’t let it get to me if legality wasn’t an issue. That’s the only thing that really pisses me off. Personal freedom my ass.

Comment by metalsonic700

That’s a good point, especially in relation to countries like the States.

Comment by animekritik

I can admit i had a perverted reason to start watching Chu-Bra. But as i continued with episode 2, i watched 3, 4, 5 and ended up watching every episode. I found Chu-Bra entertaining, hilarious and interesting. Of course i can agree that it’s fan service, but i watched it because i wanted to know how it ended. Don’t believe me? Think what you like but i am an anime lover. To take an example of a fan service and ecchi show where i couldn’t help myself was Queen’s Blade. I stopped watch that after episode 4, there was no reason to continue when i lost interest in it. Chu-Bra actually had something to teach for those that didn’t know much about womens underwear. I certainly didn’t and looked it all up and it was true. And also i felt for every character in it. Poor Hiroki haha. To ban a show like Chu-Bra feels a bit harsh. Just put an age recommendation. Just think about all the inappropriate action movies that has WAY to low age recommendations. And still kids can go watch them with their parents. Heck why even bother to put a recommendation! One day or another everyone will be exposed to underwear. Why not make it entertaining, hilarious and interesting? I can rate Chu-Bra like this: Age recommendation: I’d say 12, but who will care. Rating: 4 of 5. Why not 5? It was way to short.

My name is Martin, I’m 26 years old. I have watched animes since i was… 12 i guess, and i still enjoy it on my free time. And i don’t feel the slightest embarrassed to say it ;) Do i see myself as a lolicon after have watched Chu-Bra? Hell no! I would not accept to be called one either since i have no interest what so ever in under aged girls. Wanna blame someone? Blame the creators for crying out loud.

Comment by Martin

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