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Bleach Chapter 385 – The Lie of Justice by Digibro
December 11, 2009, 4:47 pm
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Tousen and Komamura begin their fight, with plenty of Tousen being a haughty jackass. He finally gives his meaning of justice; whereas he had lead Komamura to believe that justice came from forgiving the shinigami for killing his friend and fighting with them because he felt they were right, the truth was that his justice was revenge, and as such he had always been working with Aizen. He clarifies that forgiveness would have been ‘right’, but it would not have been ‘justice’ in his eyes.

Komamura’s justice is righteousness and forgiveness. As such, he forgives Tousen for his injustice and seeks to defeat him in the name of his own justice. Although Tousen yells ‘do not play god! I didn’t ask for your forgiveness!’ he misses the whole idea of forgiveness – you don’t need them to ask for it. True forgiveness will of course forgive everyone for their perceived ‘sins’ and allow them the justice that the practitioner feels they should enjoy. Komamura definitely has a sort of god complex, and he might be aware of this, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I wonder how Komamura feels about the fact that evil people who become hollows are sent to hell. Is that considered forgiveness? We’d have to know exactly what happens in Bleach’s ‘hell’ to know.

We do know, though, that death of the spirit turns you into spiritual energy that is whole with the planet. In many ways, death could be a form of forgiveness, though it would ultimately be the death of the consciousness and therefor not a forgiveness that the receiver could do anything with…. it’s all really up to the practitioner of justice to decide what they consider to be the appropriation of forgiveness. A person who believes that the spirit becomes one with the consciousness will surely consider it forgiveness while others may not.

I love how Tousen’s mask opens up in such a creepy way for him to shout his views. Breaking apart the pure white with the creepiness of evil is a perfect representation of his revelation of his kind of justice. Well-played.

We learn some new things about the various powers in this chapter – Shinji explains that his sword also effects the senses as he goes up against his old vice-captain, Aizen, though we don’t get to see the sword in action yet. We also learn that damage to Komamura’s bankai effects his own body as well. This certainly gives a better perspective on his he might be mortally wounded.

Pretty nice chapter, though I wish Kubo wouldn’t have teased with Shinji’s sword before cutting away. Ah well, looking forward to it!


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