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Bleach Chapter 384 – A White Mask by Digibro
December 4, 2009, 5:09 am
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The characters I’ve had the most questions about as I’ve read Bleach have long been Tousen and Hisagi. Tousen’s intentions are confusing at best. He preaches ‘justice’ and we’ve seen how he pulls that justice through a filter of his own justifications, but it’s still unclear what exactly he thinks is just about his actions. Rather than hear him just speak of justice, I want to know WHY he thinks he is following justice on his path. Hisagi and Komamura are equally confused, having always considered Tousen a friend and, to Hisagi in particular, a mentor.

As for Hisagi, I simply have always wanted more info on his character, which this chapter delivers through some small bouts of backstory. Whereas Komamura is looking for the reasons Tousen has betrayed his friends, Hisagi is more curious about what this is supposed to mean for him. “You taught me everything I know, so aren’t I supposed to keep following you? If you betray my sense, does that mean everything you’ve taught me is nullified? Have I failed you or have you failed me?” These are the questions running through his head. Meanwhile Tousen is vague as always and twists his words to new meanings.

Can we really say he’s wrong, though? These terms like justice and fear, they were his creations. If he says that he meant something all along, then it’s the others’ fault that they misinterpreted his words. As long as they wish to oppose him, they really will have to cast aside his teachings, or else make them into a set of beliefs all their own. What a complex dilemma.

Tousen’s mask, I felt, was perfect. His blindness and the fact that his bankai removes people of their senses make a faceless mask the natural choice, and it’s pure white color makes it a reflection of his ideas of pure justice – plus it just looks cool as hell.

As long as we’re on this route anyway, I hope the coming chapters will provide more information of these characters whom have never really earned my favor just because they haven’t had much time – here’s the time, so I hope Kubo really gets into the bones of it.


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