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Blood, Booze, and Broads are the Necessities of Manhood: Gun Frontier Chapter Two by Digibro
November 25, 2009, 8:58 pm
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The second chapter of Gun Frontier surprised me and may have even shocked me. After the first chapter, I knew I was in for quite the rowdy show with sex and violence abound, but I never would have imagined it could be quite as dark as this chapter proves it to be. And once again, it is darkness with a big smile on it’s face – darkness of the good ol’, shameless, pulpy sort.

But man, this had to have taken some real balls to write. The chapter begins with Harlock and Touchirou wantonly watching as the caravan they were hired to protect is ransacked by bandits, the stagecoach and the guy who hired them killed, and the woman raped on the spot before being killed herself. Harlock’s reaction? He’s just getting off on it! Touchirou is jealous that his shitty eyesight prevents him from seeing the action!

This is crazy stuff, folks. Real crazy. Rape is something I kind of have a hard time dealing with because it’s hard to be all happy-slappy about rape – no matter how you look at it, that woman is in a lot of pain and is more or less suffering. It’s odd really, because I don’t mind murder at all, and I probably wouldn’t even mind rape if the woman got back up and moved on afterward or even got back at the guys, but she got murdered seconds later. How do I feel about that? I LOVE that Harlock and Toushirou get off on it! I want to get off on it! I want to be able to witness a rape and laugh and say ‘wow, that’s hot, let’s move on’ like that! I don’t think I can. In spite of all my supposed toughness, being one of those guys who looks at guro and other such crazy things, I still don’t think I could laugh off a rape. The fact that these guys can sort of… earns them my admiration!

This chapter is just out of control. Shinunora is a total nymph, man! I love it! She’s hot, but I can’t help but wonder if she’d be like throwing a toothpick into a volcano… I hope she does some vaginal exercises! So much blood and booty… and the ending was fucking hilarious! The Indian tribe descends on the town of ‘womanly men’ because they are pissed at these people for not being manly enough! They literally are going to kill all of them for being such big pussies! And then, Touchirou cheers them on in this! This guy is my hero. These three rule so hard – but I wish we could see the guys actually manage to get laid. It will be hard to keep backing up their straight claim if they keep dodging the pussy!

By the way, Gun Frontier is a Leiji Matsumoto work being scanslated by The Rabbit Reich. You can find this chapter on their site.


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I think basically what’s happening here is Leiji is from a totally different generation. My grandpa can tell jokes that would make you shiver. It’s just a rougher view of the world. Plus Leiji evidently takes the wild in Wild West very, very seriously!

Comment by animekritik

I love it, man. Do you know how much I’d kill to be able to make real jokes like this in front of just anybody? Beautiful.

Comment by 21stcenturydigitalboy

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