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Manga no Tsukurikata ch. 18 – Cover Issues by Digibro
November 8, 2009, 11:45 pm
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New chapter of Hirao Auri’s Manga no Tsukurikata out! And I never did an introductory post on the series! Oh well. My current favorite yuri manga continues, but this chapter is not very yuri anyway. There is some lovey-ness about Kawaguchi showing up to Morishita’s graduation, but it’s not played for much in this chapter. ‘Cept maybe laughs as she places an obvious amount of love on Morishita over her brother, who is the butt of all jokes as usual, hehe.

Maga no Tsukurikata chapter 18 cover

This chapter is mostly about Kawaguchi having to debate on artistic personality against marketing in making the cover for a manga volume. She makes three compositions, one of which she thinks is definitively ‘her style’, but Morishita and her editor both like different ones more… ouch! Kawaguchi can’t help but wonder if she’s done the right thing in choosing the editor’s choice of cover and possibly sacrificing some of her artist integrity.

But as Morishita lets on, it’s a issue if no one likes the same cover design that you do – in the end, sales are really as big a part of your art as integrity is. Kawaguchi is in the manga business as much to make a living as to do what she loves, so it’s important to strike a balance. I can relate this to my own trying to strike a balance between my eccentric tastes and my desire for popularity and not alienating my audience over on Fuzakenna. Actually, it seems like this comparison is coming up a lot lately! But at least the works always seem to agree with me.

As Morishita says ‘even if you can’t pick the composition, you still get to do the colors.’ This kind of compromise is very important for an artist, especially a struggling one. It’s that whole idea of creativity within the boundaries of acceptability. Just because I do an episodic post doesn’t mean I have to do it like everyone else does! These kind of self-assurances are what keep me loving what I do.

Anywho, a short chapter, and one that was a little less yuri than I tend to want from this story. I really want to see Morishita and Kawaguchi’s relationship start to progress! This must be the lack of patience people start to feel about monthly manga chapters!


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