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Artist Highlight: Sena – Bishie Boys and Zetsubou Sensei by Digibro


Today’s artist highlight is Sena. According to booru, it is a pixiv name, but since it’s pretty much impossible to find an artist on pixiv, I couldn’t get to her profile (if someone knows a good tactic for this, please contact me. I can read hiragana and katakana.) So I’ll just be posting some of my favorites and you can click here for more. Sena uses a lot of rich colors and photoshop backgrounds for style and coolness. I think her best work is with darker colors. She does a lot of bishounen, but also a decent amount of girls decked out in stylish clothing (I am a bit of a fashion otaku~). She also seems to enjoy vertical images.

(by the way, if you didn’t know already, click to enlarge images. Recommended since most of these were huge.)



Anyone wathcing Hetalia? It's hilarious.








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very nice. the user search function on pixiv is here:

the very first line says nickname in katakana. i typed sena in hiragana and like 7 names came up, then 5 more in katakana. there seems to be no match though. it might very well be a kanji named pronounced “sena” and the pixiv searcher is not cool enough to convert kana into kanji or something…

Comment by animekritik

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