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Artist Highlight: ban akira – The Dark Side of the Scarlet Family by Digibro


On one of my other artist highlights, ETERNAL commented that he was surprised to see Remillia Scarlet actually acting like a vampire instead of looking all moe. I found this a little funny, since the dark side is how I know the Scarlet family. I first got interested in Touhou when I kept running into Remillia pictures when I was searching the tag ‘blood’ (don’t ask), and seeing this captivating, dark beauty. Remillia has always been my favorite Touhou girl because of her tendency to be in dark images (which I love). So I decided I’d do my next artist highlight on someone who delights in depicting the Scarlet family in a darker way (as well as others like Hatsune Miku – yes, there is a trend in my artist highlights!) ban akira is an amazing artist, so I’m very glad to have his pixiv, website, blog, drawr, Nico Nico Douga tag, and even just his name in Japanese: 晩杯あきら.

I really shouldn’t even have to go into detail about what makes me love ban akira’s artwork, since his style is so thick that it’s a given people who are into that style will love it. When you see one of his pictures, it’s pretty easy to say ‘that’s definitely a ban akira drawing.’ I absolutely love a thick, dark style, especially with red and black (hence Fuzakenna’s blog design) and I also love when lines are drawn large and scratchy. I’ve used three of these as desktop background I believe.








My favorite


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Very nice. I’ll have to show these to a friend of mine, who’s also a Remilia fanboy.

As for myself, I think I’ll stick to Aya, and Mystia, and Sakuya, and Suika, and Cirno, and…

*Continues ranting as he walks out the door*

Comment by ultraeternalblackout

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