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Dreams of Nyan Koi 2 – Desperation and Disappointment by metalsonic700
October 11, 2009, 6:38 am
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Nyan Koi episode two is a whole lot of fun and succeeds in being a show that is very sure of itself and well-directed. The comedic timing is gold, and the animation direction shows that the studio knows when to push and pull their budget-punches. Well played. Now, about those dreams…

I feel this tugging in my nuts

Junpei’s dreams are largely sexually charged in the event that they are actually positive. I think it comes down to what thoughts we keep personal – Junpei is a pretty honest guy for the most part, only keeping things in his mind that are definitely best kept there. Ultra-negative thoughts probably aren’t best let out, and Junpei can tell when he’s going to offend someone, though he also is ready to speak his mind if he gets annoyed and wants to be somewhat offensive to his assailant.

But thoughts that are too positive can be held back as well – people are going to think you are creepy if you up and tell them you want to ‘rock them like a hurricane’. Junpei has a really hard time talking to Kaede because his thoughts towards her are so sexual. He is so obsessed with her that the conversations that should happen in-between being an acquaintance and being a lover come with difficulty – he’d rather just skip straight to the lovey-dovey stuff.

He know that’s creepy, though, so he keeps it in his mind. Bottled up there, Kaede continues to become more and more god-like and amazing to him because he still can’t touch her, and thus she becomes even more untouchable and hard to talk to.

dreams = shattered

Maybe Junpei has come to terms with this. After all, he has an imagination of a cute girl awaiting him when he takes on the mission from the cats, and he accepts the mission under the pretense of romantic possibility with these totally imaginary women. First of all, how desperate do you have to be to accept the mission because a girl who might not exist might possibly date you? And secondly, is he giving up on his dream-woman, Kaede, so easily? Could it be that she has gotten so out-of-reach that he doesn’t even think he’ll ever manage to get with her? You know your self-esteem is dangerously low when you’re willing to take anyone just because you don’t think you can have the one you want.

And maybe that’s what Kana’s whole place here is. She is his fallback girl. He’s already been connected to her since childhood, so there’s a pretense of closeness, and he even realizes that she is a beautiful woman. Now that they’ve reconciled, the romantic possibility is there. Will he give up on the big dream so he can swing low at the easy target? We shall see, but I hope not. Kaede is my favorite, after all, and i think Junpei is a great guy – one I wouldn’t mind seeing get with her. He just needs to believe.




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