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Cynthia the Mission Chapter Two – “Chrome the Fetal Mirage” by metalsonic700
God DAMN motha fucka!

God DAMN motha fucka!

I once read an article relating to snuff film cases. I only skimmed the article, because when I discovered it, I was in a mood where I felt indestructible and wanted to read something bathed in sin. When I was done reading what little I did and seeing some pictures, I was so sick that I couldn’t sleep that night and knew that I didn’t have half the constitution I’d thought I did. (Can’t seem to find this article now, unfortunately.)

That article was largely inspirational to me, though, especially because the victims of early-life torture were known to develop Multiple Personalities Disorder, also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder. I’ve been fascinated with the concept of multiple personalities for a long time. There were a couple of times wherein I attempted to look at each facet of my personality as a separate entity, given names and everything, and had a conversation with myself wherein I pretended as though the two (or three, as it was once) personalities were talking to each-other and trying to sort out my thoughts. It made me feel as though it would be somehow fun to have multiple personalities – you’d always have someone to talk to, after all…

HUGE fan of the button-up shirt, no pants look

HUGE fan of the button-up shirt, no pants look

Or perhaps even someone to protect you. Even if you don’t know you have the power to escape a bad situation, you know that someone will always be there to save you. Can you imagine the comfort of that? The love you could feel for that entity? Dissociation with yourself means that you have a prince who loves you and wants to protect you. I, however, think it would be even more fun if you were fully aware that it was your own body wherein this other personality waits. Then you could be friends – lovers even. The idea of two lovers sharing a body, especially a female body, and aware of each-other… that’s about as hot as it gets for me.

What sort of fetal mirage is this? Who actually exists?

What sort of fetal mirage is this? Who actually exists?

What does it mean for a personality to exist? If the boy and the girl inhabit the same body, are they the same person? Are they two different people? Does one exist, and the other not, or do they both exist? Or neither of them? If I say that my name is one thing, but that it is also another thing, are they both me? Or shall we consider them two different people with their own names? All of these questions are important to me. I have to ask – if I decide to be two people, what makes the second person any less real than the first?

I think this manga is a lot like this blog. Not just in that it kicks ass~

I think this manga is a lot like this blog. Not just in that it kicks ass~

Manga by Takatou Rui. Translation by desudesu. “Chrome the Fetal Mirage” taken from the song ‘Cygnus… Vismund Cygnus’ by The Mars Volta.


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